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Calibration service

To keep your instrument working in a good condition, even if the instrument works perfectly, we still suggest you to carry out data calibration once a year for the instrument, because electronic components have their temperature features, which may drift over time and affect the overall measurement accuracy of the instrument.
During the warranty period from the date you purchased the instrument to the expiry date of the warranty period, Eucol is ready to provide free calibration service for your instrument. Please note that the calibration service does not include shipping, and roundtrip freight will be borne by you. After the termination of the warranty, we will charge costs for instrument calibration, and you also need to bear the roundtrip freight.

Maintenance service

In order to better serve customers, unify product repair fees, and allow us to provide better after-sales services, please read the following terms carefully:
1.For products whose warranty period expires, we will charge repair fees according to the tariff for maintenance (the maintenance and repair costs consists of the basic fee and the costs for replacing fault parts).
2. 2.Products having been repaired by the Company or an authorized service center will continue to enjoy free warranty service if it is still in the original warranty period; if there is less than three months left before the end of the warranty, they can continue to enjoy three months free warranty (only applicable for the same fault).
3. If the user repaired the instrument without the consent of the company which caused series faults, we will charge the maintenance fees according to actual conditions.
4. The replaced fault parts are owned by the Company.
5. If the product sent for repair has the customer's private data, software, or other information, please make a copy yourself; neither the Company nor the authorized service centers are responsible for the possible damages or losses of the aforesaid data, software or other materials.


Warranty Terms:  

1. For products having failures within the warranty period, the company is responsible for free repair; you only need to pay the cost for transporting the product to the company, and the return freight is borne by the company.
2. Unless otherwise specified or agreed, the warranty period specified by the company is two years (counting from the date of purchase by the customer, and subject to the customer's proof of purchase, or otherwise the date of leaving the factory).
3. Although within the warranty period, the following conditions are not covered by free maintenance.
◇Failures or damages due to incorrect installation, operation, or use in non-specified product working environment (including overload).
◇Malfunction of or damage to the product caused by unauthorized modification or use of self-developed software
◇Failures or damages due to disassembly or repair without our authorization or permission.
◇Man-made failures or damages or those caused by natural disasters.
◇Damages to the product caused by significant external force (such as dropping, knocking, squeezing or abnormal transport).
◇Wearing parts of the accessories provided together with the product (e.g. clamp spring, test head, probe, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.


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