U2729A/B/C Automatic Transformer Test System

U2729 Series Automatic Transformer Test System is exclusively used in quality inspection for a variety of electronic transformers. This system can provide the test frequency of 20Hz-1MHz and all kinds of low-voltage transformer parameters can be scanned, including Inductance L, Leakage Inductance (Lk), Turns-Ratio (Tr), DC resistance (DCR), Impedance (|Z|), Capacitance (between windings) (C), Quality Factor (Q), ESR and Phase, Pin short inspection PS, balance test BAL, LED, forward voltage drop Vf/ reverse current Ir test.

Adopting advanced digital sampling technique and high-speed scanning test fixture can meet the efficient and accurate testing requirements of many switching transformer and network transformer manufacturers.


U2729A/B/C host machine

■ 7-inch 16:9 TFT LCD display with resolution of 800*480

■ Maximum test frequency: 1MHz; resolution:1mHz

■ Maximum test speed: 75meas/sec,stable reading

■ Amplitude range of test signal:5mV — 2V (standard);

5mV – 10V (enhanced)

■ Basic test accuracy:0.05%

■ All test data can be displayed on one screen.

■ Open/short/load correction, flexible transformer deviation deduct manner

■ Optional ±100mA, ±10V bias voltage source and 0 – 1A bias current source

■ Internal memory for 100 groups of files and U-disk for 500 groups

■ Test data and screen graphs can be saved to U-disk in several formats

■ Multiple file search modes: fuzzy search, accurate search and bar-code search

■ To load the test files through bar-code reading

■ Abundant interfaces:RS232C, USBTMC, USBCDC, HANDLER, GPIB

■ Optional WIFI module to build Internet of Things

■Be equipped with BNC trigger to realize external foot switch connection

In accordance with LXI standard,rapid building of test system

■ Optional programming software of test setting files for PC terminal



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