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U2815 LCR Meter

Test frequency: 20Hz – 1MHz,resolution:10mHz
Basic accuracy: 0.1%
Test level: 10mV ~ 5V,resolution:10mV
Test speed: Fast: 120, Med:25, Slow: 5 (meas/sec)
Internal bias: -5V – +5V, resolution: 1mV
Output Impedance: 10Ω, 30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω

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    • Commodity name: U2815 LCR Meter
    • Commodity ID: 1070399416151199744

    Test frequency: 20Hz – 1MHz,resolution:10mHz<BR> Basic accuracy: 0.1%<BR> Test level: 10mV ~ 5V,resolution:10mV<BR> Test speed: Fast: 120, Med:25, Slow: 5 (meas/sec)<BR> Internal bias: -5V – +5V, resolution: 1mV<BR> Output Impedance: 10Ω, 30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω

    Brief Introduction:

    U2815 LCR Meter is a new generation of impedance test equipment with high accuracy, wide measurement range and six digits resolution. Being possessed with test frequency up to 1 MHz, test voltage of 10mV-5V and built-in DC bias voltage of -5V~5V, it can meet all requirements for measuring components and materials and provide guarantees for production line quality assurance, incoming inspection and laboratory precision measurements. This product can be widely used in electric performance analysis of microphones, resonators, inductors, ceramic capacitors, LCD monitors, analyzes varactor diodes, transformers and so /> Ultra-fast measurement speed of U2815 Series makes it particularly suitable for automatic production line of inspection machines and frequency response curve analysis of piezoelectric device .

    Otherwise, the Handler, RS232C and GPIB interfaces as well as improved command system provided by the instrument make it easier to build the test system.


    ■ Simultaneously display of four different parameters with flexible combinations

    ■ AC and DC parameters can be measured simultaneously without interference; self-demagnetization

    ■ Test frequency: 20Hz ~ 1MHz, 10mHz step

    ■ Test level: 10mV ~5V, 1mV step

    ■ Basic accuracy: 0.1%

    ■ High speed and efficiency measurement: Max. 120 meas / sec

    ■ Built-in bias voltage: -5V- + 5V; support bias mode

    ■ Auto DUT trigger function: the DUT can be measured once be trigger and the measurement results and discrimination will be displayed.

    ■ Automatic level control (ALC) function of V or I

    ■ Test signal level monitor function of V and I

    ■ Flexible limit comparator: support tolerance mode, sequence mode and parameter exchange

    ■ Rapid and easy determination of Pass/Fail through multi-parameter test function

    ■ Powerful list sweep function: mixed scanning of various excitation source and display of different parameters;

    ■ New graphical scanning functions: frequency / level / bias make nuanced analysis of elements

    ■ Complete user correction function: up to 64 dot frequency correction

    ■ Rich communication interfaces:RS232C/USB-CDC/USB-TMC/HANDLER/GPIB

    ■ 2m/4m test cable extension(option)

    ■ Chinese and English operation interface

    ■ Multiple USB storage modes: CSV and TXT format for storing test data, BMP, PNG, GIF formats for stored on-screen images, U disk storage / recall setup files, U disk firmware upgrade

    ■ Storage / recall of Parameters: real-time storage of all parameters without losing after shutdown; supporting internal storage of 120 groups, external storage and recalling of 500 groups

    General Specifications :

    Temperature & Humidity 0°C - 40°C,  ≤90%RH
    Power Requirements Voltage 99V - 242V
    Frequency 47.5Hz - 63Hz
    Power ≤60 VA
    Dimension(W×H×D) 350mm×120mm×360mm
    Weight Approx. 4.5kg
  • Measurement function
    Test parameter |Z|,C,L,R, X, |Y|,B,G,D,Q,θ,DCR
    Basic Accuracy 0.1%
    Measuring speed Fast: 120, Med:25, Slow: 5 (meas/sec)
    Equivalent circuit Series and Parallel
    Ranging mode Auto, Hold
    Display mode Direct-reading, Δ, Δ%
    Trigger mode Internal, Manual,DUT, External and Bus
    Correction Open / short / load, full frequency, 64 dot frequency correction
    Graphic Scanning Frequency, level, bias voltage / current
    List sweep 20 points frequency, level, bias voltage / current
    Monitor 480 * 272, 5-inch TFT color screen
    Memory Internal:120 groups,External:500 groups(U-disk)
    Test signal
    Test frequency 20Hz – 1MHz; resolution: 10mHz
    Output Impedance 10Ω, 30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω
    Test level 10mV ~ 5V; resolution: 10mV
    Internal DC bias source Voltage mode -5V ~ +5V, 1mV step
    Current mode(internal resistance:100Ω) -50mA ~ 50mA,100uA step
    Measurement display range
    |Z|, R,X 0.0001Ω - 99.9999MΩ
    |Y|, G, B 0.0001uS – 999.999S
    C 0.00001pF – 99.9999mF
    L 0.00001µH – 99.9999kH
    D 0.00001 - 9.99999
    θ(Deg) -179.9° – 179.9°
    θ(Rad) -3.14159 – 3.14159
    Q 0.01 - 99999.9
    Δ% -999.99% - 999.99%
    DCR 1mΩ - 99.9999MΩ
    Comparator and interface
    Comparators 10 bins, BIN0 - BIN9, NG, AUX PASS / FAIL LED display
  • U2815 LCR Meter

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